HEPA and ULTA Filters

HEPA Filter

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HEPA and ULPA Filters

99.97%, 99.99%, 99.999% on .3 micron particles

·    Every filter individually tested at Rated Flow

·    Standard capacity and high capacity

·    Gasket seal and gel seal

·    High temperature models

·    U.L. Class 1, Class 2, 586



500 FPM Operation


Microguard 2000 High Capacity HEPA filters are designed for use in higher air flow applications up to 500 FPM. They offer a wide range of operating and cost advantages including:


·    Higher air flow with no increase in resistance.

·    Higher air flow while providing HEPA efficiency.

·    Lower resistance, lower energy cost, longer life at standard air flow rates. Microguard 2000 filters have only .60" W.G. resistance at 1000 CFM.

·    Longer service life reduces disposal costs, less contribution to landfills.

·    Reduces space required for filter bank.

High capacity operation is achieved by designing additional media into 
the filters – 50% more than standard capacity HEPAs.

Decreased height of the corrugated separators enables the filter to contain more pleats, more media.


New Installations

If designing a new system, Microguard 2000 filters can reduce the space required for HEPA filters by installing

one half the quantity normally specified. Delivery of 2000 CFM at only 1.35 W.G. or 1500 CFM at 1.0 W.G.

offers a wide range of space saving opportunities.



If renovating an existing system, selection of high capacity filters means longer service life, lower resistance, lower energy cost, lower maintenance expenses and less disposal cost, if existing air flow rates are maintained. Microguard 2000 filters are directly interchangeable with standard HEPA filters.




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HEPA Filter